Uyuni : hard and salty snow

Jan 03

Good people. Good weather. Amazing landscape. Good times.


3 days excursions to Uyuni and the surrounding lakes with this group of people



Aussie Tom, South African TV, English birds and two really cool Colombians travelling around south America on bikes!


First day . Drive thru this white salty desert



Snow white or should I say salt white.

Cracks and cracks.




Man is often stupid but every now and then, he is brilliant.


Yes, it is a salt hotel! salt brick, salt roof, salt seats, salt table, salt beds, salts walls.


Now lets get down to business. We all want thesm Uyuni pictures.














Day 1 : Salt flat and Isla de pescada (?). No fish. Just tall green shrek-looking stuff



 AFter salt must come water.

Drinkable water and cute  edible flamingos




Poisonous water.



Deadly past-boiling-hot water (volcanic geysers)




Here is my now hobbie : symetrical reflection shots!







PM from  a lucky French girl : she works for a travel agency and got send to Bolivia and Argentina on a "try-as-many-amazing-tours-as-you-can" trip


Lucky you marion (?)!




Last but not least : a strange shot.



How did Africa get into this picture? 


Merry Xmas and Happy new year 2008! Time flies! I bought my round the world ticket one year ago in London! What a year!


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Happy new year !

Image de Loud

Fed up to read "good times", "good weather"...
Wish U a happy new year and don't forget to get back home under the rainy polluted sky !! ;)


Re: Uyuni : hard and salty snow

Image de xuoan

happy new year bro' !

pas mal du tout vos mises en scène sur fond bleu et blanc. J'ai fait le trek dans l'autre sens et au bout de 3j de sud lipès on avait tous zappé ces effets de perspective... ;)

Re: Uyuni : hard and salty snow

Image de visiteur

Tu ne referais pas un peu les pubs France 2 la??!!!Mmmmm.....

Re: Uyuni : hard and salty snow

Image de AL1

Le message ci-dessus etait une remarque de l'inenarrable mais nénamoins unique AL1

Re: Uyuni : hard and salty snow

Image de Laurent

Wow !

La c'est carrément bluffant ...

J'aime bien le trip photos illusions d'optique ;-)

Bon voyage & take care


cliquez sur l'icône pour le plein-écran

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