My Kreuzberg (part 1)

Fév 02

Schlesisches Tor, my Berlin basecamp


Welcome to Kreuzberg, berlin punk-hip-hop-street-art district



my x



To be even more precise :

shlesinicknamed "Schlesi"

The part of Xberg that remains "raw and uncut"



My WG (shared flat) in Cuvrystrasse :my flatmate Matthias, the architect student decorated with a cool large scale picture from "Darjeeling eXpress"




Xberg is the street artist's heaven.

Here you can find the largest blank canvas ....



and turn them into...




or more...



 Want to see Xberg ? Take the u-bahn U1 from Hallesches Tor to Warschauer strasse





In the u-bahn, you can meet friendly and thirsty Germans




In Est Xberg, called Xberg 36,  the Turkish population used to be dominant. That is why you find the best Döner Kebab in Berlin in Kottbusser TOr  (according to a Turkish friend):




 The best traditional CurryWurst is in here :




It looks like an ordinary curry wurst


but still people (young, old, business men, construction workers, punks, tourists) queue up day and night to have it down their stomac.


Man, Berin has so much to offer... 



Keep your eyes open... Both of them 

cliquez sur l'icône pour le plein-écran

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