Macchu Picchu : the Salkantay days

Déc 14

My five days to one of the N7W



Quite a good group of 13 people on their way to Salkantay :two Kiwis, an Aussie, a girl from NYC, an Israeli, three brit, Dutch guy, a Spanish phenomenum, a Brasilian, a Corean and myself.

One objective : walk to Macchu Picchu!




This is Manuel, a Spanish cook. A phenomenum. Overprepared, over equiped, over funny, over slow but so funny.






What did we do for five days?




Eat pop-corn, drink sopa pobre ,sleep in tents.  



and party a bit



On Salkanty every day is different  :

Up to a 4600 pass. 


No this is not a picture of me in Nepal again...



She Still can believe she paid 400USD not to walk the Inca trail 




Day 2 or 3 : Walk in the Jungle, Amazon bassin and its mutant mosquitos (the bite still hitches 10 days later)



 Next day or the day before : walk in green lands


Day whatever : hot spring with beer and popcorn after a long days work



(Here Manuel dropped his digital camera in the pool... and ended up taking Macchu picchu pics with a disposable.. Shame! ) 


Aguas Calientes.




Finally. No more train tracks. Next morning, after climing 900000 steps up (to save 6 USD), we r ready to get in. (Funny israelis with their bag cover)



A few macchu picchu shoots







After climbing Wanya Picchu,



you get views like this of MP




 F&%$, Incas were nuts! or they really wanted to hide! 


After 4 fun days, we all head back to Cusco just in time for the Halloween party. Religiosity again all over agin in the streets of Peru.

(Celebrity death match : Pachamama vs Virgin Mary)



gringos are celebrating Halloween in a all different way! (it is also Starv's birthday)! 



 Next stop : Copacabana (?)



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