Last day in Pushkar - Day 12

Mar 23

Discover more about my favorite city so farWoke up at 5:30 am to see the sun rise from the Savitri Temple that lies on the top of a big hill

 puskar sun

puskhar view hll

We had to fight our way back down because hungry monkeys were all over the tourist

 monkey hill

After saving a very terrified American  from the monkeys, suhinder and I went back to town.

Here is a Pushkar Milkman. the small city of pushkar is quietly waking up.

uskar milkman 

Spend the rest of the day with my two Australian mates. Gayday guys! (i doubt this is the correct spelling)

 push crew australie

We also chilled with the people from the Lake View Hotel.

Suhinder, 20 - Ravi, the owner - Krhisna, his sad friend

Young and very friendly

 lake view staff

Took a night bus to Jodhpur and here I am again in a really busy busy city.

Had a street omelette and a smooth lassi for brunch with David, a German boy. There is nothing stranger in India than a black man with a blond German that speaks Hindi.

More news tomorrow, David and I will visit the Fort.

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Re: Last day in Pushkar - Day 12

Image de greg

Yo wale,

sympa de voir que tout roule pour toi, et de suivre jour après jour et je dirai même heure après heure tout ce que tu fais.
Je crois que c'est pas Gayday mais gaypride étant donné les petites moustaches très YMCA de tes potes. ;)


Re: Last day in Pushkar - Day 12

Image de Laurent

Good idea the blog
Good idea the pics
Make us dream!

Cheers & take care

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