Mar 27

Welcome to Rajasthan's blue city

After a night bus trip from Jaipur, I arrived in Jodhpur with a big headache.

Slept an hour in a sunny park where young India kids play cricket.

 cricket kids


National drama the same night : India is out of the Cricket Worldcup


While eating a masala omelette on a street restaurant, I meet David, a young German guy, that took some good Hindi lessons and that is visiting India for 7 or 10 months. After a good lassi, we visited the very impressive Jodhpur fort together the next morning.


 jodhpur fort



UnTil you reach the top of the fort, you can't understand why Jodhpur is call the BLUE CITY.

 blue jodhpur


After a great visit of the fort (audioguide, lounge...), we decided to climb our way thru thick bushes, we finally discovered a wonderful bading spot, by the river .


 bading place


This is the view from the bading spot.


bathside jodhpur


During  the day, we met two French girls then later three more. We all decided to go for a nice quiet dinner. We landed  in a posh hotel where the service was terrible but the food nice.

jodhpur dinner


Next stop : Jaisalmer, a fort in the Middle of the Desert. Perfect starting point for a camel ride through the desert...

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