India, sex and holiness

Avr 20

Khajuraho and Vanarasi : last days in India


India is all about holiness, hinduism, temples and arranged marriages. But the picture wouldnt be complete without one of the most famous part of Indian culture : Kama Sutra.

 Welcome to KHajuraho, tiny village in north India with one street, no cricket pitch but with a domestic airport! 

 The picture above looks like any other temple, right.  You see those carvings, those sculptures?Take a look closer. Yeah, that's it!


Its an erotic sculpture. You can find about 20 or 30 in total. No one really knows why these carvings were made but there are a big attraction!

Most of them are soft and hidden in a corner but some are just  nasty!


Had a quiet stay in Khajuraho. I met a really gold-hearted shop owner, Anand. he invited me to his village which is a three-hour drive away from Khajuraho. Meet his best friends and family there.


This was a really remote village, where they still extract stones with arm-powered machines.


here is Anand and his family.


Next stop after quiet little Khajuraho, holy Vanarasi, one of the oldest city in the world. The Ganga River, the Ghats, the burned bodies, the sadus...


This city is dedicated to the cult of Shiva, one of the 3 major hindu gods.



All day, every day, from sunrise to late at night, people from all around India go to the Ganga. There they die, worship, play cricket, bath, sell, laugh, deal drugs, live, wash their clothes eventhough this river is 150  times more polluted than La Seine and The Thames combined.



But the Ganga is mostly famous for its burning ghat. Old People from all over the country come and die in Vanarasi so that they can break the reincarnation cycle and get their body to be burnt by the river. For the past 3000 years, bodies are been cremated by the Ganga and the ashes are thrown into the river once the body is fully burnt.

Vanarasi sums up of what India was to me > colorful, extrem, intense, holy and unique.

I've crossed the border : I'm now in Nepal. Should go trekking in the mountains in a couple of days!

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Re: India, sex and holiness

Image de Pasang(Durbar Sq.)

Hi Wale!

visiting yr blog site & I loved the pics U've taken while in Varanasi...I was there in mid Dec. & looking @ these Grt pics has once again taken me down that memory lane trip.It was nice meeting U & hope U didn't have any probs finding Durbar Sq. How long r U here for? Keep in touch & Best of luck with the rest of yr Holiday!!!

Take Care!

Joly Jumper

Image de Martin

Ah oui, les statues sont violentes quand meme ! le mec qui prend son cheval, c'est spécial.

Re: India, sex and holiness

Image de cécile

walé, j'adore lire tes histoires et tes photos...! pour ma part, j'ai adoré aussi l'Inde, je t'écrirai un mail pour te raconter tout ça quand j'aurai un peu de temps.
gros bisous, kif

Re: India, sex and holiness

Image de greg

J'étais sûr Martin que tu serais le premier à faire un petit post sur les photos pronos. Y a que ça de vrai. Celle du cheval n'est pas encore trop hard, j'en attendais avec un éléphant ;)

Re: India, sex and holiness

Image de visiteur

C'est qd même ultra violent...voire même bestial...beurk ;0)

Re: India, sex and holiness

Image de visiteur

on t'a reconnu

Re: India, sex and holiness

Image de jumbo95

je ne vois absolument pas ce qui a de choquant, ce sont des pratiques classique, et par contre je ne savais pas que ça existaient depuis ce temps-là, j'espère que mes compatriotes n'ont pas inventés ça!!! j'ai n'empeche un peu honte, mais bon tanpis, je défends le patrimoine quand-même!!! JAY HIND !!! beezzz Où ???

Re: India, sex and holiness

Image de gashagaza

recevoir des belles photos

Re: India, sex and holiness

Image de Laurent

Simply crazy... Thanks for sharing a piece of your trip w/ all the nice pics you post each time. All the best for whatever is to come. Take care ;-)

Re: India, sex and holiness

Image de Paris sportifs

Moi je trouve c'est choquant l'inégalité dans le mobde comme ça.
Mais les statues qui font du sexe c'est très drole.

cliquez sur l'icône pour le plein-écran

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