Delhi - 4th Day

Mar 13

4th day in India


Hi everybody,

yeah, all my thoughts are now in English so the blog is also going to be in English. Hope you don't mind.

News update :

- got my luggage after a 48 hours wait

- i cancelled my trip to Agra to dig my knowledge of Delhi and I went to a Huge Cultural CENter that opened last year and that isnt yet mentionned in any guide (Lonely or Routard)

it was interesting even if i felt like it was kind of Disneyland-ich


- i move from my very expensive hotel to a guest house where i m paying half the price


Yesterday, i thought this guy was going to kill me in his rickshaw : i entered his vehicule, before leaving he finished a bottle of beer hidden by his seat, was smoking and driving, stopped to buy more cigarets, stopped again to pee . after a few crazy stunts i got to my hotel safe and sound


On day 3, i decided i'll try the local street food. here is yesterday's lunch


Ici, les animaux sont rois et les batiments sont fous!




Here is (at last ) the Red FOrt, built by the same King that built the Taj mahal for his wife.


red fort

Demain soir, je v a agra voir le Taj Mahal- Tomorrow Taj Mahal in Agra

MOre pics to come


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Re: Delhi - 4th Day

Image de reno

p'tain, ça me donne envie de manger des brochettes sur un parking tes photos !!!

Par ailleurs tes differents écrits font remonter en moi une pensée d'un célèbre philosophe dont le nom m'echappe : "Je nommerais bien sur Mickey premier ministre, de mon gouvernement, si j'étais président, Simplet à la culture me semble une évidence [...] Je déclarerais publiques toutes les patisseries, Opposition néant, si j'étais Président"

cliquez sur l'icône pour le plein-écran

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