Bali + Gotham City

Oct 22

10 great days in Bali and a short stop over in Asias Gotham City


Bali, tiny little island but what a great holiday spot....



So much you can do there : whether u are into culture, sports, lazzing around, partying or people watching. So here is what I did.


Left for Ubud, 2nd main (for the island) city in Bali. Got a ride for a week. 3 euros a day. Yeah, Bali is cheap.




Ok. Now I know how I can move around. Next question, where do I go to?

Little ride around Ubud to discover its rice paddies.






Bali is an exception : the only Hindu island among all the Indonesia Island.


It is incredible how religious Balinese people are. There have and attend celebrations everythere all over the island.



Think they might even beat Indians when it comes to faith.Meet this procession randomly and followed them deep into the jungle.







The houses in Ubud are like palaces : a dozen rooms, courtyard, in-built temples. Its crazy.




Next activity : active volcano trekking. (Both the trekking and the volcano are active.)



Woke up 4 am. Duke the guides that would have requested a scandalous 20 USD from me. Climb 2 hours up to catch this incredible sunrise over a lake facing the higher volcano on the island.



Worth it, isnt?


I am not a very good swimmer. Snorkelling? Surfing? No really for me. Afraid I might run out of air. So instead, went for a intro dive among the colorful bali reef and fishs in Padang Bai. Swimming and moving 10 meters deep under the water. It{s like nothing I had done before. I highly recommend it, you neednt be afraid, it{s easy.




Most places of interest are an hour or two away from Ubud. So little ride and hop, you can visit this village that looks like it came straight out from an Asterix comic.



or this jungle temple .




Not to mention the surf, white and black sand beaches.





Loads of volcanic activity in Bali.


Hung out with German Eric and Italian Giusy.




Giusy, works at the airport in Paris. She speak 6 langagues fluently and also works as an interpreter for the Paris Court of Justice. She can have a conversation with roughly 65 % of the people in their mothertongue. Just crazy. Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and English. She masters them all. She{s been to so many places, so many times.... She was my first and last passenger on my scooter.

She always carries candy around to give the kids she meets... Sweet Lady.






Bali is really touristy but Balinese people still remain really relaxed. People are helpful, they dont try to rip you off too much. Its colorful, artistic and the weather is always sunny.



This cool Balinese guy is wearing a sarong (wrapper like in Myanmar and a head band, the traditional wear to enter a temple)





Flew out of Bali into the city that houses this Gotham City Building.



Welcome to Singapore! Similar to Hong Kong but quieter and greener,



Singapore is all about one thing. SHOPPING.


Huge malls like this come by the dozen here! And if you want more, just follow the signs...



Why did I come to Singapore? To discover a new city and new people, yes but mostly because I hadnt seen my friend Claire for years now! She just got a new important job which is a bit stressful. Great powers. Great responsibilities.

But I am sure she ll make it. Bisous la case.





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