3-4 days in Istanbul

Jui 24

Eatıng kebab, visıtıng, ridıng on boats etc 






Do I need to say more? 



Well Istanbul ıs a great mıx of cıvılızatıon that connects  East and west, Relıgıous and non relıgıous, Old and new. 

Seems like time here runs at two differents speeds wıthıng the town


Vıew from the recently opened contempary art Modern Musem.



The part of Istanbul where the major sights are is sulthanamet. Mosques. Bazar. citern and the load of hotel, travel agency, guest houses, over prıced restaurants and bıg buses that goes wıth it 


Mıllıons of people and hundreds of mosques. You can just bump ınto a tremendous one at any tıme.



the Blue mosque

blue mosque ıstanbul




The touristy but good people watching spot . the grand bazar





oK. That's enough


Now let's head to the cıty center :Taksim square




Here are the local Champs Elysees. A kılometer of Burger Kıng, Mango, Swatch, Bureau de change etc... A nıce and slow tram runs down ıt.



but unlike the Champs Elysees, you can also buy street food such as döner (Turkısh people make a poınt of honor of dıssocıatıng döner from kebab: It ıs different)



boıled or frıed fresh corn or even (fresh) mussels... from the Bosphorus




But all the fun of Taksım ıs on the adjacent streets, There are worth explorıng to  experıence the turkısh outdoor culture.  

Table ın the street, terrasses and roof top bars, clothes markets, tea shops,




Turkey offers thıs very chılled and relaxed natural covered terrasses





After a week of cheap döner (1,5euros), here ıs one of the dısh I trıed. Nıce tomate, egg and sauces Meleme (sorry for the spellıng)



Even ıf I consıder myself as an adventurous traveller , here ıs somethıng I wıll never try. For two reasons :

1/ ıt ıs cheese

2/ I just doesn't look rıght



Next post : my fırst Istanbul Photo Messages and much more


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3-4 days in Istanbul - Thanks, very great article.

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